Brad Pitt finally allowed to see his children at home

Entertainment 20 April, 2017

Brad Pitt finally has a smile! For the first time since the divorce, the actor was reunited with his 6 children in his house in Los Feliz.
After being separated from his children for many months and being obliged to undergo supervised visits, Brad Pitt finally found his children under his roof! Yes, the actor has recently been able to spend time with his progeny as in the good old days. This is the first time that Brad Pitt could be alone with his 6 children and under his roof since Angelina Jolie asked for the divorce in September 2016. As was suspected, Brad Pitt was obviously delighted to find with His little family. “His children visited him at his house in Los Feliz on the evening of April 2.” , Said the Tonight Entertaiment source .
The source added that Brad Pitt’s estate had been very silent since Angelina Jolie decided to seek divorce. But on this first visit of his children, the actor’s house came alive again! Brad Pitt had also found his children after their trip to London. “Jokingly, the children told him that American food had missed them, so Brad took them all to eat cheeseburgers.” , The informant explained. Here is a daddy cake! If Brad Pitt was separated from his children for the first few months after his separation, things could change in his favor . Angelina Jolie could be the big loser of this divorce after being a little too careless with her children. The actor could then get their exclusive custody. And do you think Brad Pitt can now spend more time with his children?