Brad Pitt finally reconciled with Maddox and Pax?

Entertainment 28 April, 2017

While Brad Pitt can now receive his children at home, have these two oldest sons, Maddox and Pax, finally forgiven their father?
If his divorce from Angelina Jolie is difficult, Brad Pitt has recently received good news! He can now see his children at home without the presence of a therapist. This is a real relief for the actor because his offspring missed him terribly. If the younger siblings were always delighted to see their father at the beginning of the divorce, relations between Brad Pitt and his sons, Maddox and Pax, were rather tense . The former was allegedly physically and verbally assaulted by the actor. However, one source told In Touch magazine that “in addition to their younger brothers and sisters, Maddox and Pax paid a night visit to their father.” That’s a big step!
Brad Pitt, who was more and more skinny , was afraid of the reunion with Maddox and Pax but in the end it seems that everything went perfectly well. “The children were in the company of two nurses employed by Angelina Jolie and the nannies also spent the night at Brad’s home. Initially Brad was nervous about their presence there but Angie insisted that c ‘Was recommended by the therapists, so he agreed. ” They all “had a family dinner around the table that Brad really enjoyed … It’s so great to hear that Brad is doing so well with the kids, because we knew that things have been strained since The alleged incident of the plane . “, The indiscreet explained. “[Brad] did not force anything and he let the kids set the tone.” Maddox and Pax both forgave him, ” the source said. So, Brad Pitt would be relieved and much happier since he can see all his children frequently and that’s good. And do you think the relationship between Brad Pitt, Maddox and Pax will continue to improve?