Brad Pitt Flirting With Courteney Cox? The rumor denied!

Entertainment 29 January, 2017

Rumors are going on about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The latest? The actor would be under the spell of Courteney Cox, but attention has just been denied. We tell you more!
Since her divorce from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt regained the joy of living and feels great in her body. Would love be there for something? Rumors about his love life are endless! While some say that Brad Pitt would couple with Kate Hudson, others state that would have views on a Friends actress and not just any because it would be the best friend of his ex wife. That’s all. Courteney Cox and Brad Pitt would have even flirted together on many occasions according to the tabloids. But then, would the actor of Allies be in pair with Kate Hudson or with Courteney Cox? Well do not worry because this new crazy rumor was denied by Gossip Cop . We give you the last details!
The father of six children sees the media appearances noticed. Brad Pitt was seen happy and fit in Los Angeles and it’s good to see. But, as always it is the source to many rumors and the latest in date concern Courteney Cox. However, we can be reassured because the actress of Friends still file the perfect love with her husband, Johnny McDaid. Brad Pitt and Courteney Cox have always been very good friends, but their story stops there! Sources have revealed that during the charity concert where Brad Pitt and Courteney Cox went, the two actors were spotted in full flirt. All these noises are only noises! Gossip Cop announced that no witnesses had seen them together, and especially that they were not even photographed together. This rumor can therefore be forgotten! What will be next? And you, what did you think of this rumor?