Brad Pitt flirts with Sienna Miller, why would she be the perfect girlfriend?

Entertainment 13 April, 2017

Brad Pitt would have been close to Sienna Miller! Find out why Jude Law ex is the perfect girlfriend for the Allied actor.
If rumors said he was in a relationship with Kate Hudson or would have flashed for Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt would have recently been seen flirting with another famous actress . Indeed, the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie would have a big crush for the former girlfriend of Jude Law, Sienna Miller. If for now nothing has been confirmed about their relationship, the actress seems to be the perfect girlfriend for Brad Pitt. The editorial of melty gives you the proof. First, Sienna Miller is a great actress who has starred in huge numbers of Layer Cake films at American Sniper . So she can quite understand that Brad Pitt is committed to different projects, Parte en promo or that he embraces other pretty actresses for the needs of a film. Sienna Miller is also a stylist and model, she has a keen sense of fashion which can only please Brad Pitt, also always very looked.
Brad Pitt always passes his children first so a mom is in a very good position to understand. Sienna Miller also has a little girl , Marlowe Sturridge. Like Brad Pitt, Sienna Miller is a philanthropist. She is the ambassador for the International Medical Corps , a global, not-for-profit humanitarian organization created by volunteer doctors and nurses, as well as the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Great Britain. So recently the real reason for the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was revealed in the open , Sienna Miller also experienced sorrows of heart with Jude Law or Tom Sturridge. We told you she was the perfect girlfriend for the actor. The only problem, She would still be in a couple with the American director, Bennett Miller. Would there be water in the gas? Does Sienna Miller have a crush for Brad Pitt ? Business to follow! And, in your opinion, would Sienna Miller and Brad Pitt form a beautiful couple?