Brad Pitt focused on his art, he does not want to come back in the spotlight

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

Separated from Angelina Jolie since September 2016, Brad Pitt does not plan to return soon to the cinema and under the spotlight!

Recently, you were told that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were thinking of stopping their career, not definitely but temporarily. The couple separated in September 2016 and it was difficult for the former Brangelina to climb the slope. In addition, the two former lovers prefer to focus on their family so that their children will experience this divorce as best they can. So, Brad Pitt should stand away from Hollywood for a while. “Neither Brad nor Angelina intend to be in the spotlight soon,” a source close to the actor said. “Aside from parenting, Brad is really focused on art right now and it’s both stimulating and incredibly therapeutic for him.” Brad loves to learn new things and really enjoys using his hands in addition to his mind , “She added.

For now, the cinema wait! Brad Pitt, who has regained form and appeared sexier than ever, passes his children first and also prefers to devote himself to his new passion, sculpture. “Brad has always been super creative and is already an incredible photographer but learning sculpture and different painting techniques turns out to be an amazing new start for him. Whenever Brad feels stressed or depressed, he starts To the studio, and getting lost in a new project is the best way to forget his worries. “Brad channeled all his emotional energy and trauma into art, and he created truly impressive pieces.” source. So it is not today the day before that we will see Brad Pitt to the poster of his new film. However, not a panic, the actor will obviously come back on our screens one day, but for now, he wants to stay away from the film industry.