Brad Pitt forgot Angelina Jolie with a new passion

Entertainment 22 March, 2017

To forget his painful divorce with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt found the solution: his new passion …
The times are hard for ex- Brangelina . Yes, not so long ago, both celebrities were the most glamorous couple at all Hollywood. Everything seemed to be going on between them until the end of 2016. It was amazing how Angelina Jolie had asked for a divorce. And here is the drama. Today, it still seems difficult for the actors to talk about this separation. On the one hand, Angelina Jolie wants to move to London with their children and on the other, Brad Pitt forgets his grief with his new passion . He would spend several hours a day there and would not rest again. But then, what is Brad Pitt’s new hobby?
It is the Daily Mail that unveils this information exclusively. The 53-year-old actor would be creating sculptures under the direction of his friend, the British artist, Thomas Housego . On the Los Angeles side, Brad Pitt would have locked himself in his studio for several hours to make way for his imagination. The former husband of Angelina Jolie would spend even more than 15 hours a day, which is simply enormous. This is more commonly known as “Art Therapy” . To see the pictures of Brad Pitt in his studio, just click HERE . Yes, if the sad statements about Brad Pitt are simply devastating, Its fans are happy to see the international actor take back his life in hand. Keep going Brad!