Brad Pitt forgot Angelina Jolie with Kate Hudson: The rumor of the week!

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

It is the noise that has been running for several days. Brad Pitt would be in couple with Kate Hudson and would have definitely pulled a line on Angelina Jolie. Discover immediately our rumor of the week!
Brad Pitt would no longer be a heart to take! The most coveted new bachelor of the United States would have forgotten her ex, Angelina Jolie, in the arms of another talented actress. This is the great rumor of the past few days. Yes, finally depressed, Brad Pitt would couple with Kate Hudson and the mother of the actress also expressed about it in a funny way. When paparazzi asked him: “Are you willing to have Brad Pitt becomes your son?” , Goldie Hawn simply chuckled. Does that mean something? Perhaps, in any case, this rumor continues to grow day by day and to be confirmed …
At the Golden Globes, Kate Hudson reportedly confirmed his romance with Brad Pitt since he divorced Angelina Jolie . The actress would have unveiled to friends to her that she was frequenting Brad Pitt for some time and to say that this rumor is quite plausible. Besides, Kate Hudson would be the perfect girlfriend for the 53 year old actor . If Brad Pitt and the actress would formalize their romance, they would form the new glamorous couple at all Hollywood. In any case, this rumor is growing on the Web and many sources bring new elements every day. Unfortunately, for now neither interested has confirmed or denied this rumor , then we have only to wait for new information or perhaps a declaration of Brad Pitt or Kate Hudson … And you, what do you think of this couple?