Brad Pitt in couple with Kate Hudson, an officialization soon?

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

Brad Pitt would have found love in the arms of the actress, Kate Hudson. Should we expect the officialization of their couple soon?

If Angelina Jolie is reportedly regretting her divorce from Brad Pitt , it seems to be finally passed much more quickly than expected on. A few weeks after the announcement of the separation of the couple Brangelina, the actor had been seen with a mysterious blonde woman. Many rumors said that Brad Pitt already had a new girlfriend. Soon after, speculation about a relationship between the actor and Kate Hudson came into being. Are the two stars in a couple? Is Kate Hudson the mysterious blonde woman? The actress would have confirmed to his friends having had several dates with Brad Pitt! The two stars would have found themselves and would have left together after the Golden Globes. Do their romance become serious? Should we expect an official announcement confirming their relationship?
After her divorce from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt was looking for a different woman of her ex but seemed to not really have the heart to date someone. And yet, Kate Hudson would have changed her mind! For now the couple seems to want to take things cautiously. Brad Pitt suffered greatly following his separation from Angelina Jolie. Moreover, he remains focused on his divorce in order to obtain the alternate care of his children. If frequent Kate Hudson, one suspects that the actor will wait this is really serious before announcing it publicly . Brad Pitt respects his ex-wife and certainly does not want to rush her children by immediately marrying and publicly announcing this relationship. Kate Hudson is mum and so can fully understand the situation. However, when the divorce is finalized and everything goes well for both actors, an official announcement to confirm their couple is possible. There is more to be patient! And, in your opinion, is Brad Pitt really in a relationship with Kate Hudson?