Brad Pitt: Is his new passion too busy?

Entertainment 4 April, 2017

Brad Pitt has found a new passion lately. However, is it too engaging and can it become dangerous for the actor? This begins to worry his fans!
A few days ago, disturbing pictures were born on the Internet, showing Brad Pitt more emaciated than ever. If his friends have taken his defense , the fans are not very reassured. It is true that Brad Pitt has lost a lot of weight since his divorce with Angelina Jolie and that he really looked bad. It would seem that he is not at the top of his form, yet, according to the latest rumors, everything would roll for Brad Pitt. He even found a new passion occupying him all his time, which is none other than sculpture. It is for this reason that he missed the Oscars 2017 because he was in full artistic creation. This passion seems almost to become an obsession and could even prove dangerous for Brad Pitt … But then, does sculpture become too engrossing? You must believe that yes …
That Brad Pitt has found a new passion in his life is really something positive, but it should not be abused. According to the Daily Mail , the father of six children would never leave his studio and would spend more than 15 hours a day listening to sad music. Brad Pitt is too devoted to his art. Does he find time to sleep? Moreover, even if this can make him forget his problems during the creation, this passion the cup of the world. By shutting himself up alone in his studio all day , the actor has almost no social life, which would lead to a greater depression. Sculpture can really be beneficial to him, but he must not abuse it either! It is necessary that’ He finds love … Moreover, at the last news, Brad Pitt would have had a crush for Sandra Bullock and we would dream to see them together! Not you ? And you, what do you think of his passion?