Brad Pitt, Jamie Dornan, Kit Harington: Who is the most popular of 2016?

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

In order to start 2017 in joy, what better than to find yourself in the rankings of the most popular personalities of the year 2016?
We could not begin this article without wishing you a happy and happy 2017 to all dear meltynauts, be happy and continue to be with us. Now that everything is said, it is time to move on to more serious things. Given that the year 2016 has just ended, the time is still on the balance sheet. This time, we turn to the international players who have cartooned during the 365 days that have passed. So who is one of the most popular personalities in 2016 and who will do everything to stay in 2017? Brad Pitt threatened by Angelina Jolie is it listed? Difficult to pronounce, and yet, you will soon find that your favorite actors (or hated to the choice) are in the ranking. A top 25 made by the site Just Jared, and here comes the list of the most popular stars in 2016.
Of course, we will not immediately reveal the name of the actor number one. But what we can say is that Kit Harington , the sexiest man on the planet, is ranked 21th, just after Will Smith or Chris Hemsworth. For fans of the Twilight saga , know that our Rob Pattinson is at the 19th position, the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, is far ahead, ranked 12th, and Brad Pitt, the star who dropped this year (finally here) is 6th in the top 25 of the most popular players in 2016 . But who occupies the first position would you say? A delight for fans of the star 50 Shades of Grey Jamie Dorman who is the most popular man in 2016, yes meltynautes. And you, who is your key player in 2016?