Brad Pitt: Jennifer Aniston helps her overcome her divorce!

Entertainment 2 March, 2017

Unexpected reunions between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston! The two ex resumed contact and came much closer …
Are Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson cold? The actress flirted with a famous singer , which suggests that her alleged relationship with the actor is compromised. But if we believe the new rumor, Brad Pitt is far from being depressed! Indeed , according to a source from the Us Weekly site , it would have returned very unexpectedly with its famous ex, Jennifer Aniston. Remember their idyll that marked the 2000s: Brad Pitt had confessed that he had fallen in love with her while watching the series Friends in which Jennifer Aniston interpreted the role became cult of Rachel Green. The two stars had married less than a year after their meeting in 1999 and had trained for 5 years the most glamorous couple of Holllywood … Before Brad succumbed to a certain Angelina during the shooting of Mr. Mrs. Smith in 2005. But rumor, things are reversed, since Brad Pitt would now seek comfort with his ex!
Indeed according to the source: “Brad has sent text messages to Jennifer He first he just wished his birthday on February 11 Now they frequently exchange he talks about her break and they talk about the old days…” . But it would not go beyond a simple friendship! Jennifer Aniston is a couple with actor Justin Theroux, with whom she recently went on a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway. And according to the source it has no objection to what she speaks to her ex: “Justin agrees they are friends and they talk with Brad Jennifer is nice, but it will not go. Further ” . Brad Pitt, Who would have been emaciated since his divorce to the point of not wanting to show himself in public , has no doubt in mind that to start a romance, since he is still plunged into a stormy divorce. Angelina Jolie and he now quarrel over their Miraval castle, and the issue of custody of their children is not yet settled. We suspect he does not have much time for him … What do you think of this rumor?