Brad Pitt: Kate Hudson already pregnant? Angelina Jolie is furious!

Entertainment 13 February, 2017

Will Brad Pitt be a Dad again? Her girlfriend Kate Hudson would be pregnant which would make Angelina Jolie absolutely furious!
For several months, many rumors affirm that Brad Pitt would be in pair with the actress Kate Hudson . The couple would be dating for a little while since Angelina Jolie asked the actor for the divorce. Recently, Kate Hudson’s mother seemed to confirm that Brad Pitt and her daughter were in fact a couple . If the two stars are about to move in together and even make their relationship public, it may well be that the two lovebirds also go to the next step. Indeed, according to Star magazine , Kate Hudson would be pregnant with Brad Pitt. “Their friends are wondering if Brad Pitt’s romance with Kate Hudson is not already about to give them an unexpected dividend.” , Says the magazine.
If Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt find their complicity despite their divorce the actress would be collapsed and angry by the news that confirms that Kate Hudson is pregnant . “She’s furious about the rumors about Kate already pregnant.” , Said a source of Star. “Brad did not plan to have another child quickly, so if Kate is pregnant, it will change her attitude very quickly, he’s a casual guy, I’m sure his reaction would be that he would give Blessing, and that would be the beginning of a new chapter in his life. ” , Said the indiscreet. If these pregnancy rumors are obviously to be taken with tweezers, the family of Angelina Jolie could expand, because the actress would think of adopting a new child. And, in your opinion, could Kate Hudson be pregnant with Brad Pitt?