Brad Pitt: Kate Hudson Confesses To Be Against Dating Applications

Kate Hudson would be a couple with Brad Pitt! Asked about her love life, the actress confessed to hating dating apps.
Are Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson ready to officiate their couple? For a few months many rumors about a romance between the two actors circulate and amplify as the weeks pass. Are they really together? Their story would become more and more serious . Recently, Kate Hudson was the guest of Ellen DeGeneres and confided in her love life and especially the dating apps she does not really like. “What’s crazy is that there’s a lot, you know, of celebrities on these dating apps, this kind of that can convince you, maybe … no. I can not imagine it. ” She said. “So you look at a guy, he’s sexy and then you see his profile and you are like,
Kate Hudson, who may have confirmed her relationship with Brad Pitt , prefers largely face-to-face meetings rather than behind a screen. “All your girlfriends may seem to have gone to lunch and then it’s like, ‘What happened to that guy you met on Raya or Bumble and what else?’ ‘I just think, Why do not you meet a guy at Starbucks, why not just go and see someone and why does not a guy come up and say, ‘Hey, I’m such a guy . Maybe I’m from the old school but I’m fine. ” , Said the supposed girlfriend of Brad Pitt. It would seem that the actor is the kind of man not to use dating applications and to dare ask a woman to go out with him as in the old. This is surely what seduced Kate Hudson ! In any case the actress has neither confirmed nor denied being single. And you meltynauts, what do you think of Kate Hudson’s statements?

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