Brad Pitt: Kate Hudson or Angelina Jolie, who was her Valentine?

Brad Pitt would be in couple with Kate Hudson however he would come closer to Angelina Jolie again. But then with whom did he spend Valentine’s Day?
Between all the rumors surrounding Brad Pitt as well as Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson, one no longer knows where to head. Last September, and against all odds, the couple Brangelina announced her divorce. However, Brad Pitt would soon find love again. The actor would have been seen in the presence of a mysterious blonde several times. This young woman would be the actress Kate Hudson with whom the ex of Angelina Jolie would have had several secret appointments. Their relationship would become more and more serious in recent weeks according to Hollywood Life . Their romance would have been confirmed by the mother of the actress, Goldie Hawn. Other rumors said that Kate Hudson was pregnant with Brad Pitt, Which would have made Angelina Jolie furious because the latter would still love her ex. While yesterday we celebrated Valentine’s Day, which was Valentine of Brad Pitt?
If Kate Hudson’s brother seemed to deny the rumors about her sister and Brad Pitt , Goldie Hawn appeared to claim that her daughter would indeed have a relationship with Angelina Jolie’s ex. The actress would have even met the children of her boyfriend! If all this is true, there is no doubt that Brad Pitt has passed Valentine’s Day alongside his new darling. However, for now, neither the actor nor Kate Hudson have ever appeared together or confirmed their romance. In addition, Angelina Jolie would still be in love with Brad Pitt, she would have doubts, regret their divorce and would like to regain it. After a secret appointment in New Orleans, Brangelina may have taken advantage of Valentine ‘s Day to give themselves another chance. Brad Pitt has always claimed that his family was what counted most in his eyes! And, in your opinion, with whom did Brad Pitt spend Valentine’s Day?

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