Brad Pitt: Kate Hudson pregnant with the actor? The Rumor of the Week

Entertainment 25 December, 2016

Like every Sunday, the editor of melty comes back for you on a rumor that has made a lot of noise. The latest? Kate Hudson is pregnant with Brad Pitt …
If the week, we focused on Amber Heard that could be in a relationship with Mark Wystrach for our rumor of the week, now up to Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson. The Brangelina never stop talking about them. While they liked to remain discreet in their relationship, it would seem that their divorce also makes it possible to wash their dirty laundry in public. They are engaged in a real war for custody of their children. Yes but now, according to the latest rumors, the actor might soon be dad again … Many rumors by saying that Kate Hudson is pregnant with Brad Pitt … Should we believe it? We have a little trouble but we give you the details right away!
This is the tabloid Star that launched this rumor about the role of Brad Pitt in the pregnancy of Kate Hudson . The magazine wrote on the cover: “Pregnancy shock Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt!” . Inside, it reads : “Languages spoke after a recent photo has appeared to Kate in Los Angeles, looking relaxed the summit wearing yoga pants and revealing what appeared to be a baby bump . “. Is the actress really pregnant? A source added: “Brad did not plan to have another child so quickly if Kate is indeed pregnant, it will change his plans This is a thoughtful man, and I’m sure he would see it as a.. Blessing and the beginning of a new chapter in his life. ” The tabloid even went further in his remarks since he wrote that Angelina Jolie was ill with this pregnancy. Fortunately, Gossip Cop has denied all these rumors, citing a representative of the actor who stipulated that the magazine cover was false! Only rumors … Until we know more about Brangelina, discover the Top 5 celebrities who dropped in 2016! What do you think of this rumor?