Brad Pitt more fit than ever with Sting and Chris Cornell

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Brad Pitt chained the media appearances and it can be said that the actor is doing well. Alongside Sting and Chris Cornell, ex-husband Angelina Jolie is more fit than ever. Discover the photos!
If Brad Pitt chains the difficult months, he finally decided to take control. Tensions seem to subside between him and his ex-wife. Yes, after the war, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to unite to settle their divorce. Moreover, the actor has made a great decision to think about himself and his well-being and to say that it shows! In a new public appearance, the actor of 53 years appeared more fit than ever and relaxed at ROCK4EB! . He seemed serene and his problems seemed far behind him. Suffice to say that it was really fun to see. It’s been a while since Brad Pitt did not appear like that (except for the Golden Globes). At this event, he was photographed alongside Sting and Chris Cornell , a big smile on the lips. Look at the photos immediately!
Brad Pitt made an appearance very noticed in the 4th Gala ROCK4EB! (Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation) to help sick children. Each year, many guests attending the event and for this fourth edition, Brad Pitt came to support children suffering from this terrible disease . He was accompanied by Sting and Chris Cornell , who made a very good performance. In the photos you can find HERE , Brad Pitt poses with children and appears with a big smile on the lips. It brought a little happiness to these young people and this attention makes it good to him. The actor was more fit than ever and seemed relaxed and well in his skin. In 2017, Brad Pitt is a new man. He also made a great decision since her divorce with Angelina Jolie . The Allied actor pays attention to him and to what he eats, while practicing a lot of sport. One thing is certain, it shows and it’s fun to see! Have a comment for Brad Pitt?