Brad Pitt, Prince Harry and Jay-Z, discover their common touch

Entertainment 21 July, 2017

You may not know, but Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, and Prince Harry have a very touching commonality. Discover it now!

We know, in recent months have not been simple for some celebrities. Beginning with Brad Pitt whose girls Shiloh and Zahara are unhappy since his divorce with Angelina Jolie. For good reason, his separation from his old wife was trying. After an unprecedented court battle for the custody of his six children, the War Machine hero was completely naked for GQ Style for the first time after his painful break. So Brad Pitt finally talked about his depression and his addiction problems. “I’m really happy to have finished with alcohol, I mean that I stopped everything … (…) It’s been six months now and I find sensations in my fingers … Today, I only drink cranberry juice and soda water, “he said at the time. A touching talk in which he let himself go to his emotions. But while Brad Pitt has unveiled himself as never before, he is not the only one. Jay-Z and Prince Harry have also been very candid about their privacy lately.

Just like Brad Pitt, Prince Harry, whose marriage to Meghan Markle is confirmed, confided in his mental problems in an interview with the Telegraph. It was unclear how deeply it was, but for 20 years the brother of the Duke of Cambridge suffered the death of his mother, Lady Diana. If he made the ostrich to avoid thinking about it, the 32-year-old man eventually faced it. First by going to boxing then following a therapy: “I can tell you that losing my mother at the age of 12, and closing the door to all my emotions for twenty years, had serious effects not On my personal life, but also on my work, and on many occasions I almost cracked, and I think it brings a lot of talk about its problems and if you keep it secret, it will only make things worse. ” As for Jay-Z, it’s in his song “4:44” that the rapper wanted to indulge. In his latest album, Blue Ivy’s dad decided to tell the whole truth that he had been unfaithful to his wife Beyoncé. An undeniable proof of maturity.

Whether Brad Pitt, Jay-Z or Prince Harry, they all opened without any artifice. A tender fragility that has not failed to make react on the social networks. Internet users have not yet praised the courage of the three men. Yes, it is not easy to expose oneself to the sight of all knowing how critics are flying on the Web. But this sincerity did not affect their fans. Monica Lewinsky also wanted to salute their strength in her latest column published in Vanity Fair. “It is a refreshing and strong antidote to see male icons convey a vulnerability at an age when the new Washington power elite and our rude culture are busy projecting an old fashioned cartoon of manhood 24/7 (…) It is encouraging to realize that there is a fissure in this contract between men, their emotions and society in general, “she wrote. Indeed, this way of acting is extremely touching. And you, what do you think of the confessions of these three celebrities?