Brad Pitt rejuvenated and thinned: how he regained his life in hand

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

At the Golden Globes ceremony, Brad Pitt displayed a slim silhouette and a rejuvenated face. The 53-year-old actor, in full divorce proceedings, adopted a whole new way of life.
Brad Pitt has decided to take his life back into his own hands. He takes care of himself and his body, and it shows! At the Golden Globes , January 8, Brad Pitt had a radiant mine. Smiling and thin, the American actor seemed to be ten years younger.
“He lost a lot of weight,” confirmed one of his relatives, said yesterday the Us Weekly. His recipe to regain form? “It focuses on him again, he pays attention to that it eats and has a chef who prepares him healthy dishes . ” A balanced diet, therefore, above all, a lot of sports. “He did a lot of exercise to lose weight” , added the close of the 53 year old actor . Brad Pritt went to fitness and walking. “He spends a lot of time outdoors doing hiking. ” An effective way to slim down and lay your head.
Since splitting with Angelina Jolie , who won custody of their six children, Brad Pitt uses his free time to take care of him and his physique. A paying attitude, which has allowed him to regain his legendary charm. The advances in the divorce proceedings are also for something. Angelina Jolie has agreed that their agreement is confidential . Brad Pitt can think of him. And maybe even to rebuild his life?