Brad Pitt soon divorced, will he celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Entertainment 13 February, 2017

And J-1 before the famous festival of lovers. But currently in full divorce, what will Brad Pitt do during Valentine’s Day?
Share The Love. As you know, the battle is far from over for the Brangelina . And even if Brad Pitt goes up the slope gently , it is not yet at the end of his sorrows, far from it. His late ex-wife Angelina Jolie has recently claimed an astronomical sum of $ 100,000 a month , which the actor immediately refused. Indeed, Brad estimated the sum well too high. And yes, this divorce that has marked the entire planet is not at all rest. But at only 24 hours of the feast of lovers, what could our adorable Brad do?
It’s not really that we worry about his love situation, but still! It must be said that on the job side, the actor does not have to complain. Remember, at the 2017 Golden Globes , Brad Pitt had been applauded by the assembly, something to give him balm to the heart. Yes, Hollywood is stretching out his arms. But in terms of love, what is the future of Angelina’s ex? With only a few hours of Valentine’s Day, what could he do? One can imagine that Brad Pitt spends the evening with famous women with whom he might be in a couple , or enjoy his six children, for which he fights to obtain custody. Anyway, if the actor needs love, we are there! And you dear meltynauts, what are you going to do for Valentine’s Day?