Brad Pitt soon to Bollywood?

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

Brad Pitt is a global star. After conquering Hollywood, will the actor with multiple talents set out to conquer Bollywood? Find out immediately!

Brad Pitt is more fit than ever before. He has recovered from the hair of the beast and it’s fun to see. He continues to devote himself to his passion, sculpture. However, it should not be forgotten that Brad Pitt remains a global star and that he has fans all over the world. In fact, when Angelina Jolie was promoted to her War Machine movie, she had gone to India and talked to a few journalists. The question of a career in Bollywood did not fail! So after conquering Hollywood, can Brad Pitt go to Bollywood? Discover his humorous words!

While in India, Brad Pitt, who is close to Sienna Miller, had spoken with an Indian actor and superstar of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, and he explained to him that he could not go to Bollywood. The reason is very simple … He does not know how to dance! Brad Pitt revealed: “I would never have succeeded in Bollywood, since I do not know how to dance, I can not even dance.” With the actor everything is possible since since the beginning of his career, Brad Pitt has interpreted many different characters. He followed long preparations for each of his roles. In any case, Bollywood does not seem to be for now for Brad Pitt, but who knows, maybe someday!