Brad Pitt spent Christmas with his children … and their therapist

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

For Christmas, Brad Pitt was able to finally see his family. But the actor was granted only four hours of visit, and under the supervision of the therapist of his children. The explanations.
After weeks of doubts , we learned this weekend that Brad Pitt finally had the right to spend Christmas with her children. Drama on substantive and divorce, the actor was able to spend four hours with his family, but no more . Because Angelina Jolie would have preferred not to have to review her ex for the holiday season. She had refused her presence to the siblings on Thanksgiving Day, proof that she believes that Brad Pitt is no longer indispensable to their daily lives. But for Christmas, she had to accept his presence, according to a close the couple quoted by the English newspaper The Daily Star. “She did not have the heart to deprive her children of their father for this holiday, and they probably would not have forgiven her had she dared.”
But even more, according to Us Weekly, “Brad could see his children at a time for a gift exchange” , but had to spend that time with the family under the gaze of child therapist. Since the announcement of the Brangelina’s divorce, the specialist supervises all the visits that Brad Pitt makes to his children. “Brad Pitt gave them their presents, and he was very cordial,” yet says a source at the magazine.
According to a relative of the couple who told the magazine People , Maddox (15), Zahara (11), Pax (12 years), Shiloh (9 years), and twins Knox and Vivienne (8) live ‘ a traumatic condition e “. With the pressure on the divorce of their parents, but especially the excessive media coverage around this event, the children began therapy at the request of their mother who ” did what it seemed good for (their) safety.”