Brad Pitt suffers from eating disorders after his divorce?

Entertainment 22 April, 2017

Nothing goes for Brad Pitt! The actor is more and more skinny and suffering from eating disorders …
The times seem very hard for Brad Pitt right now! Since her divorce, the star is only the shadow of herself. The former husband of Angelina Jolie drowns in his new passion. Accrored to sculpture, he would shut himself up for hours in a studio on the side of Los Angeles to work on his works of art. What’s more, Brad Pitt would be so depressed that his mother would have decided to move to his home . On top of that, his physical condition is becoming more and more worrying. The actor appears more and more lean at each of his appearances. He would suffer from eating disorders. But then, can Brad Pitt really get out of this dark phase?
The star is simply unrecognizable. On the last cover of Star magazine , Brad Pitt is very thin . It is then learned by the media people that it would have lost more than 20 kilos in the space of a few months. Tired, depressed, he would refuse to eat. One can only worry about the state of health of Brad Pitt. Moreover, the stress of his divorce would cause him insomnia at night, which explains his long hours spent designing sculptures. If Brad Pitt is finally allowed to make a little cuckoo to his children , Angelina Jolie always watches to the grain. The ex-Brangelina seem to live their separation differently, however, they try to rebuild their lives as they can!