Brad Pitt terrified by Angelina Jolie, does he really have things to hide?

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

Angelina Jolie suggested that Brad Pitt had things to hide and that he was terrified that they would be made public. But what can it be?
If you thought that the ex-Brangelina had taken the good resolution not to make war in 2017, you were far from the account! Angelina Jolie may be transferred to one of the requests of Brad Pitt but it does not account for much stop fighting. While the actress has agreed to keep their private divorce, she took the opportunity, however, to reveal that Brad Pitt was “terrified that the public know the truth” . But what truth? Is the actor really afraid that one of his secrets will be unveiled in the open? Does Angelina Jolie play with to exert pressure on her ex-husband? Mystery! Anyway, we wonder if Brad Pitt really has something to hide and what could be this famous secret that would make him so nervous . Angelina Jolie accused her ex-husband of violence and being addicted to illegal substances. However, Brad Pitt was cleared by the FBI and the Child Protection Service.
Brad Pitt revealed that he had nothing to hide by cooperating with the FBI and the Child Protection Department since the beginning of the divorce. If he thought he was out of business, Angelina Jolie did not give up. According to her, her ex-husband is a threat to their children and would have been more than once violent with her in the presence of their small tribe. And the worst part about it is that their disputes have been fully filmed by their son Maddox . The teenager, very close to his mother, would be in possession of videos very compromising for the actor. So Brad Pitt would be terrified that these images would be unveiled publicly. Angelina Jolie thus has a real means of pressure on the actor. But is that true? Brad Pitt would be enough to replicate because it would also in possession of very compromising Jolie recordings . Do ex-Brangelina blackmail each other to shelter or is there more behind this divorce? Possible! But it seems that finally neither of the actors want this to be known. And what do you think Brad Pitt might be afraid of?