Brad Pitt: The new bachelor in fashion in Hollywood?

Entertainment 24 April, 2017

We do not stay long in Hollywood, even after a tumultuous divorce! If Angelina Jolie would already turn the page, it is not yet the case of Brad Pitt. He would be the target of many lusts …
While couples break one by one in Hollywood, the singles are there to go. After Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck or Taylor Kinney , Brad Pitt is also on the market, as they say. If Angelina Jolie could already be a couple when her divorce has not yet been pronounced, how will Brad Pitt react? Not very well, we can imagine! Since his separation with the star of Tomb Raider , Brad Pitt is lent a lot of flirts, notably with Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock or Sienna Miller, and yet Brad Pitt does not seem ready to turn the page. The pill seems harder to swallow for the actor than for Angelina Jolie who she would be in a serious relationship with a mysterious Englishman.
One can say that flirting with Brad Pitt, one would not say no! It must be confessed that for his 53 years, the actor is rather well preserved as they say and it is more canon than ever. If his divorce has undoubtedly affected him, he still appears very smiling and a little more fit for a few weeks than a few months ago. In addition to being pleasing to our eyes, Brad Pitt is a hard worker. Not only actor but also producer, he revealed himself as being a very good photographer also via notably various clichés of Angelina Jolie. To be in Brad’s lens? We say yes! Despite the various accusations made against him, he still appears as a good father to his children, which will make him crack more than one! In other words, Is THE bachelor who is in the line of sight of all these young ladies. In any case, Brad Pitt would be alone and depressed since his divorce to the point that his mother could settle in his home … Courage Brad! Which Hollywood bachelor do you prefer?