Brad Pitt ultra close to an actress, the photo that will make jasper!

Entertainment 18 May, 2017

Brad Pitt is now the most coveted bachelor in Hollywood! And when it appears very accomplice with an actress, it is the buzz assured.
Ready to forget his old demons, Brad Pitt finally spoke about Angelina Jolie and their divorce . While no one expected it, the American actor made touching revelations about his way of apprehending his separation. You are not unaware that these last months have been very difficult for the actor. Accused of being violent with his children, the latter almost lost his guard. His problems with alcohol and drug addiction probably did not help and the situation was very chaotic. But decided to take back his life in hand, the dad of Maddox takes care of him. Little by little, the star of the big screen returns to the media scene. And one thing is for sure, it is coveted. Let it be said, Announcing his divorce with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt quickly became the bachelor in vogue within the sphere people . So much so that there are many rumors about her love status …
First with Kate Hudson , the sex symbol was later linked to Sandra Bullock . Henceforth, it is a new actress who would make beat the heart of the actor. Finally … The buzz began when Gina Rodriguez , the heroine of the series Jane The Virgin , posted a picture of her in the company of the fifties on Instagram . A photo on which we discover the two stars hand in hand and very accomplices Late Show with Stephen Colbert . In other words, this post did not fail to elicit strong reactions from the followers of the actress. Moreover, some Internet users already imagine that they are a couple. In the editorial ‘ Of melty, we think it’s just a pretty photo of two celebrities who took the pose together . But what is certain is that Brad Pitt looks happy and this is the main one. A bit like Angelina Jolie who was recently seen radiant at a dinner with her son . And you, would you have liked that Brad Pitt and Gina Rodriguez form a couple?