Brad Pitt very close to an ultra-famous mannequin, are they in couple?

Entertainment 26 June, 2017

Angelina Jolie is definitely part of Brad Pitt’s past! The actor would have found the love in the arms of a very famous mannequin.
Recently, you were told that Brad Pitt did not want to give false hopes to his children about a possible reconciliation with Angelina Jolie . The actor was clear, if he wants to maintain good relations with his ex-wife, the couple Brangelina is well and truly finished. If Brad Pitt is so categorical, it may be because he has finally found footwear to his foot. Indeed, the actor was seen very close to an ultra famous model and it could well that it is in couple with her. Yes, the ex of Angelina Jolie would have cracked for the beautiful Elle Macpherson, recently separated from her husband, the billionaire Jeffrey Soffer.
Brad Pitt and Elle Macpherson appeared very accomplices and were particularly tactile towards each other . “She touched her arm a lot and patted her hair on her shoulder, flirting in the air, laughing at everything she said and leaning very close to her. , The source added. The actor and the mannequin have known each other for years. They met on the set of Friends in 1999 and have remained friends ever since. From now on, they may have moved on to the next stage. However, Brad Pitt would also have been seen kissing Sienna Miller in Glastonbury this weekend as rumors of romances between the two actors had already circulated earlier this year. One thing is for sure, Brad Pitt has definitely forgotten Angelina Jolie. And do you think Brad Pitt has cracked for Elle Macpherson?