Brad Pitt very emaciated, his friends take his defense

Entertainment 3 April, 2017

In recent days, Brad Pitt has appeared very emaciated. If his fans worry, his friends instead wanted to take his defense. Discover them!
Since his divorce with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt appears more and more lean and the last pictures were disturbing. The actor was floating in his clothes and looked very bad. Does Brad Pitt have trouble recovering from his divorce and sinking into depression? These last shots made us fear the worst even if according to the latest rumors, the father of six children would have succumbed to the charm of another actress who is none other than Sandra Bullock. But then, is Brad Pitt really in full depression or in full form? His friends recently defended him to justify his weight loss . Immediately discover their confidences!
One of Brad Pitt’s friends took up his defense following numerous rumors about his leanness and deep depression. He told People magazine : “Brad is training every day, he’s a sportsman, he’s slim, healthy and most of all, he’s much happier today. The problems were settled privately. Brad works almost every day, he lost a few pounds but he is in good shape . ” His friend’s comments are rather reassuring and we want to believe in them, but we hope that they are sincere and real . While waiting to have more information about Brad Pitt and his health, find out for which actor would have succumbed Angelina Jolie!