Brad Pitt Without His Children For The New Year!

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

If Brad Pitt could see his children at Christmas, Angelina Jolie preferred to leave with them away from her ex for the New Year!
We recently showed you that Angelina Jolie was furious that Brad Pitt could spend Christmas with her children and the actress had not let it happen again in the New Year. For this, she decided to celebrate 2017 in Colorado, far his ex, according to the magazine Us Weekly . Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne were also spotted shopping at a local toy store on Friday, December 30th. Poor Brad Pitt would have been heartbroken and would have let out a few tears after leaving his children at Christmas. Spend New Year far from his family obviously did not help matters . The actor reportedly told his friends that it was “the worst holiday of her life” . Brad Pitt is desperate to have been separated from his children for the holidays. “Brad’s anxiety is palpable at this moment, he is terribly lacking in not having his children at Christmas and New Year. These guarded visits are purely hellish for him and he is no longer ashamed of crying now.” , Confessed to a friend of the actor to the Daily Mail.
His children would not be the only people who would miss him, Angelina Jolie too. “Brad is a broken man, he feels betrayed by a woman he always says he loves, but he is missing in spite of everything that happened between them.” He was blinded by their divorce, he still believes Angelina has taken a Impulsive decision and does not know how to reverse things and save face. ” , The source added. “He hesitates between being angry with her or languishing on her.” He looks at the photo albums of their best moments and wonders how everything went wrong, he calls her but she does not return the calls. peace offerings, he learned to stay away from the internet rather than risk reading about his situation. “, said a friend of the actor. But if Brad Pitt would be reunited with his family, Jolie refuses to see him . If the actor does not perhaps manage to reconcile with his ex-wife, but he remains determined to “bring her children” . And according to you the meltynauts, can Brad Pitt still keep hope?