Breaking Bad : Vince Gilligan will perform a sequel to the story of Jesse Pinkman

Cinema 9 November, 2018






Notice to fans of Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, returns to the cinema. The series of the 147 rewards 227 nominations, including 4 Emmy Awards for best actor, for Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and 3 Emmy Awards for best actor in a supporting role for Paul Aaron (Jesse Pinkman) will result in the film.

It has followed the descent into the underworld of the young Jesse, held by Aaron Paul, throughout all 5 seasons that lasted the series. From January 2008 to September 2013, helpless spectators have seen them grow a relationship hyper toxic between Walter White, the chemistry teacher for 50 years in stage terminal cancer of the lungs, and Jesse Pinkman, a former student of said professor and junkie.


Paul Aaron in a trip psychedelic


Albuquerque city of New Mexico is the scene of the association unfortunate of these two characters. As Walter White transforms into Heisenberg, the drug dealer of meth and a drug lord, Jesse Pinkman dark in the abyss of the depression, losing gradually all the people dear to him and what he aspires to.

So be careful for those who have not yet seen the series, the rest of the article risk of spoiler quite severely, so warning spoilers !

We all remember the tragic destiny of the young in the last season. Captive to a neo-nazi group and forced to prepare for the meth blue Heisenberg, Jesse tries in vain to escape and was forced to watch the murder of Andrea (the girl he is in love), as a punishment for his acts. Walter White, consumed by his rage, his guilt, and the need to claim his inheritance of death, finished off by coming in aid to the character of Aaron Paul by killing his captors.

The last scene of the actor driving in the night, mingle joy and panic in a desperate cry of truth, has earned the actor one of his five awards for the provision of ” best actor in a supporting role in 2014 (3 Emmy Awards, 1 Primetime Emmy Award and 1 Satellite Award).


The hope makes live it says …


The choice to float a doubt around the future of Pinkman was deliberate and responded to the character who has too often made the wrong choice. But it seems that the director of the series, Vince Gilligan, has still things to say about the young dealer :

“My personal feeling is that he fled. But the more plausible, as unpleasant as it may seem, it is that one will find the footprints of the young in the lab and that there will be a hand over at the end of a day, a week or a month. And it will always be in the sights for the double murder of federal agents. But yeah, even if it is the more likely, the way I see things is that there is a party in Alaska, changed his name and remade his life. We want it for him, he deserves it “.


“Come keep me warm, I’m super friendly”

There was still no date announced for the release of the film, including shooting in New Mexico is expected to begin this month. It is hoped that Aaron Paul (as we have not seen him play since the judgment of the series) will slip again into the skin of Jesse Pinkman. What is certain is that Vince Gilligan will always be to the realization.

The prequel Better Call Saul has just concluded its fourth season (that started in 2015, it is available on Netflix internationally since 2016), acclaimed it, too, has been renewed for a fifth season.

Saul is in the P. L. S