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Entertainment 22 January, 2018


Between Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot, the same beauty, a taste for controversy. Between the two monsters, sacred, a link indefinable.

Has Brigitte Bardot, 83 years of age, which was published on January 25, Tears of combat, a book “testamentary” regarding his convictions for the defence of animals. Withdrawn in its house of Saint-Tropez, the actress has given our sister Annick Cojean of the World a long interview. The opportunity for the one who, in recent years, lives retired from the world of talking about it, of the men in her life, her son, her status as the actress.

If the policies do not find much favour in his eyes, and if she does not forgive to Catherine Deneuve to wear fur, the actress has words loans tenderness for Alain Delon, another flayed alive. “Alain, it is an animal. Wild and lonely. Our friendship is belated, but powerful “, and continue. One understands at the slightest word. It is in man what I am as a woman. I said to him recently : it is the last two historical monuments of the Twentieth-century still -alive! And it is true that we embody the -film who has a dream of generations. But it is finished. There is no new Delon among the new French actors. Bearded, bald, evil fringués… We wonder where are the genes of beauty!”

“A friendship for life binds me to Bardot,” said Delon, Paris Match in 2013 to explain their relationship. On the occasion of its 80 years, BB had sent a very nice letter. “You are the living symbol of the masterpieces that France has produced during this century that we’ve been through together,” wrote Bardot, in a handwritten letter, ” You are this two-headed eagle, the ying and yang, the best and the worst, which makes you unapproachable and so close to, cold and hot “, she adds. “You carry in you the beauty, the courage, the elegance, the power that have made you the huge international star but never equaled nor replaced “, she said. “You deserve respect and admiration, but also the love, the warmth, the closeness that I share with you ever since.”

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