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Entertainment 21 January, 2018


On the occasion of the release of his book “testamentary” Tears of battle, Brigitte Bardot was entrusted to the Morning of the World, evoking in turn his commitment to flawless for the animals and his isolation in his Trap terrace. A way of life unconventional, which draws its origins from a cartoon : Snow White.

At the age of 83, Brigitte Bardot is a living legend. The last without doubt. A title acquired by it with the film of Roger Vadim, And God created woman, in 1956. Promised to a great career, it puts yet an end to its years of cinema when she is 38 years old. “Some have believed that at a whim, others have taken me for crazy. I didn’t care. My decision was irreversible”, she recalls. Since then, the one that all women envied and all men dreamed to conquer, lives as a recluse in his villa in Saint-Tropez where she leads the biggest fight of his life : the fight for the protection of the animal kingdom. “Finished the futility, and this world of false pretenses that I had been so unhappy for all these years (…) It is the most beautiful decision of my life”.

In 1986, she established the Foundation Brigitte Bardot. Since then, his public appearances are rare, she never misses an opportunity to speak on this subject. Whether to denounce the horror of the bullfight or to rescue the foxes, the former actress regularly gives voice to voice the rights of the biodiversity.

B. B. and the animals, a great love story that finds its origins from a great Disney classic. “I was young when I saw the movie Snow White, eyes amazed, I believe that this dream has not stopped to carry me. Living in a small house in the middle of a multitude of animals… At the bottom, it is a little bit what I’m doing now”. The one that “feels animal” and who “rejects the human species”, has, it seems, found in this character the strength to lead the life that she wanted.

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Brigitte Bardot

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