Brigitte Fossey supported by her daughter and her husband for a final farewell to her mother

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

The famous actress was surrounded by her family to celebrate the funeral of Marcelle Feuillade.
It was in Boulogne-Billancourt, and not in Boulogne-sur-Mer, where his family came from, that the funeral of Marcelle Feuillade took place. This Friday, December 23, Brigitte Fossey and her relatives had an appointment in the church of Notre Dame for a last tribute to Marcelle, an actress also (theater, she also starred in Forbidden Games by playing the mother of his Own daughter then 5 years old).
Supported by her daughter Marie Adam (whom she had with Jean-François Adam, the director of M as Mathieu), the famous 70-year-old actress did not change her way of being, even in times of mourning. No sunglasses to hide red eyes, but a broad smile, a communicative joviality, for a final farewell. Alongside her daughter but also her husband Yves Samama (a former odontologist), with whom he spends the perfect love for several years. If her beloved mother is no longer there, no doubt Brigitte Fossey can count on her two other loves.
” Marcelle Feuillade Feuillade daughter of Maurice and Germaine Herard, passed away December 17, 2016 , announced the family in the funeral books Figaro on 21 December. Our lark flew, think of it always. ” Children Of Marcelle, Brigitte Fossey and her brother Patrick, her grandchildren Marie Adam (the only daughter of Brigitte), Octavio and Aurélien as well as her great-grandson Paul Saint-Gilles, associated their names with this tribute.