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Entertainment 15 January, 2018


Co-signer with Brigitte Lahaie, among other things, a very controversial forum on ” freedom to annoy, Catherine Deneuve is explained in Liberation and distances itself from the former star of the X, with words that hurt…

“My image has changed. “While we met in his vast property of the Yvelines department, in July of 2016, she had no doubt about its legitimacy. Dropped one of his horses, and surrounded by her three great danes, Brigitte Lahaie explicitait its commitment against ” pornography is broadcast no matter how on the Internet “, being outraged that 70% of young people aged 11 years old have already been confronted with images licencieuses on their screens. Spokesperson of the association Ennocence, it blamait specifically the illegal downloads and pop-up windows that parasitize streaming sites. “It prohibits images of paedophilia. Prohibit also these images which violate the imagination of children. Develop the school sex education, or rather education affective ” “, advocated it. Well aware of the ridicule that his past might raise.

“I did porn from 1976 to 1980. I have no regrets. On the contrary. When I launched myself in the cinema at the age of 21, I was only a small provincial outcome of a bourgeois milieu. I have experienced a form of liberation. The time was joyful, the filming festive. Everything was scripted, with a touch of humor, without comparison with the extreme practices and dehumanized that reveals today’s Internet, ” it said Brigitte. Before returning, the more feverishly on his hard renconversion as a sex therapist over the airwaves : ” It has brought shame to me, because I was a woman who is free and bold. “

“A free woman” : it is, curiously, the same denomination that has chosen Catherine Deneuve to justify his signing ofthe controversial forum promoted: “the freedom to annoy “,while refuting its strong support for a sexual predator, in a letter published by Liberation, on Monday, 15 January. The actress wrote : “Yes, I have signed this petition, and yet, it seems to me absolutely necessary today to emphasize my disagreement with the way in which some of the petitioners will grant an individual right to spread in the media, misrepresenting the spirit of this text. Say on a tv channel that one can enjoy during a rape is worse than spitting in the face of all those who suffered in this crime.Not only do these words suggest to those who are accustomed to the use of force or the use of sexuality to destroy that this is not so serious, since finally it happens that the victim enjoys. But when we initials on a manifesto which commits other people, one stands, one avoids embarking on his own incontinence verbal. ”

If Catherine Deneuve does not quote the name of Brigitte Lahaie, she is certainly a reference toits skid on a plateau de BFM TV. Opposed to the feminist Caroline de Haas, a victim of sexual abuse, the former star of the X had these dreadful words : “You can enjoy a rape. “ Before, a few hours later, melt into tears on a plateau of TV5 and explain, on the basis of its expertise in the female body : “It is unfortunately a truth. Perhaps I would have had to add the ” unfortunately “, which often makes the rebuild even further complicated, moreover, ( … ) What I wanted to say is that sometimes, the body and the mind do not coincide. “

Mea culpa “unfortunately” too late”. Disassociating yourself from the old porn actress, without naming it, but by accusing him of “incontinence-verbal,” Catherine Deneuve has joined, in spite of it, the pack of criticsand other taunts. There are even, dare we say, something quite strange that a debate on the relations between men and women turns to put on the index of two women, one is obliged to dissociate itself from the other…

It is the battle of Brigitte Lahaie for a real education of the young generations, which goes to the hatch. Its course is denied. Years of introspection have yet succeeded to years of exhibition. The former star of the X passion for spirituality. She has studied astrology, before looking more seriously at the psychology and sexology. “I had the experience, but not the skills ! “we released it in a burst of laughter, in July 2016. From 1987 to 1992, she dried the spirits ribald of the Big Heads on RTL. An expert on the problems of libido, it has started providing its advice on the Minitel. Before capture, as early as 2001, the auditors of RMC.

A happiness professional preceded, a year earlier, a amorous encounter. Patrick, a graduate of polytechnique, which is entered in the life of Brigitte. Love at first sight, courtship and marriage. Has the former and against any and all expectations. Those of the blonde libertine, first : ” I’ve always been very independent. Swear loyalty to a man, to me, was inconceivable. I have not even wanted as we were celebrating our first Valentine’s day. Except that the next day, I broke my leg. I then realized that I was going to miss something important. And I agreed to marry him. “

Bride, Brigitte Lahaie remained independent. In order to preserve the bliss of her marriage, Madame has been living alone for part of the week. Her husband don is found at the end of the week. Together, on the weekends, they take part in horse competitions.

The blonde sexagenarian did admit one regret : never having been able to deal with his mother, who died in 2010, his past as a star libertine. “It has always been in denial, we told Brigitte, at the beginning of the summer of 2016. After my appearances on television, she spoke to me about my dress, my hairstyle, but never for my words. “

Speak, to dare the word, redeem. Brigitte Lahaie has always believed in.

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