Brigitte Macron, a symbol of style and a feminist : the “Bis-Bis mania” was acclaimed in the United States – Gala

Entertainment 20 December, 2017


Unknown to the general public there are only a few years, Brigitte Macron has become, in one year, an icon in France but also abroad. The First lady has been elected as the third French-the most influential in the world by Vanity Fair magazine. For its part, the Vogue magazine celebrated the First lady.

In France, Brigitte Macron seems to be more known for the size of their skirts as for her speaking in public. The outfits of the First lady are regularly scrutinised with a magnifying glass. Highly reviewed on the Internet, the style of the First lady never goes unnoticed.

Abroad many journalists to appreciate its chic French style. In Vogue, Marina Khorosh wanted to better know this woman who ” has become emblematic of the culture and the French way “. For the side mode precisely, she has interviewed Chantal Paillat, and the verdict is without appeal : “For us, it is a radiant woman, strong and kind at the time,” she confided.

Beyond the style, Vogue was also interested in the personal story of Brigitte Macron. ” Suddenly, it’s an older woman that captures a second start in life with a partner much younger “ writes the journalist. For Christelle Graillot, the vice-president of Vivendi Talent Management, the First lady, ” has uninhibited women of her generation “. According to her, Brigitte Macron would have enabled women in their sixties to be free, to accept their age, to feel beautiful and strong. Christelle Graillot sums up the style and Macron : “She dusted the style of the first lady, she is a free French “.

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