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Entertainment 25 January, 2018

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From January 23 to 26, held in Switzerland, the world economic forum in Davos which brings together top executives and world political leaders. Interviewed by the RTS, Emmanuel Macron has clarified the role of his wife at his side.

We do not discover, they are fusional. For more than 20 years, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron compose a close-knit couple, in the event like in the victories. At the Davos economic forum, a major event of the political and industrial world, the president of the Republic has, however, been questioned by the journalist Darius Rochebin on the role of his wife at his side. He asked Emmanuel Macron to describe his role, to which he responded with humor : “I can describe it very simply, it is my wife.” And then the reporter to clarify : “Is that it has a role of advisor ? “The president of the Republic said :” This is not it and it is more than that. It is the woman with whom I share my life with for 20 years… I often tell her it’s me and me it is it. I can’t say that it is a councillor, there is an intimacy, a complicity, which means that it sometimes has disagreements, and it is needed. We talk all the time, but it is a sensibility, a gaze that is like mine. I haven’t got the feeling that there may be difference over there, it was not the role of counselor, this is not what she wants to do and this is not the law firm (…) She brings what she is, because she is not my wife. She is a free woman, a leader who is also a face of modernity and what women wear in our society. And I am very attached to this she has her own agenda, his own expression, that it has its own subjects, and that it can bring to both femininity essential, and few subjects on which his gaze, his sensitivity, his paw, which are not mine, bring him. This is what is expected also. “

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