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Entertainment 22 December, 2017

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At the Elysee, fortunately, Brigitte Macron is there to take care of the team that works at her husband’s side.

Appreciated the staff of the Elysee, Brigitte Macron is also the team of her husband. The Face of burn-out that threatens the advisors of the president of the Republic, Brigitte Macron has taken the lead. If her husband, who has the habit of sleeping little, does not seem to suffer from this rapid pace, it is not the same for his team. At the end of the roll, it is also that the Opinion spoke of the president’s advisers, pressurized by a breakneck pace since the beginning of the campaign of the candidate Macron. Now we are to believe our colleagues in Europe 1 it is thanks to the Guronsan (a mixture of vitamins, a blend very popular among the students in the examination period) that would take his teams, much to the chagrin of the doctors of the Elysée worried about the health of the team. On France 2, the person concerned was also recognized to work a lot : ” It is the weekend and in the evening we spend the most time (on the folders editor’s note). I sleep little, but it costs me a little “, he had slipped.

Then Brigitte Macron has decided to put a brake to the overtime of her husband. Always according to our colleagues of the radio of the rue François 1er, the wife of the president would have taken on it to stop a meeting that dragged on after 2 o’clock in the morning and asked everyone to go home. Another decision of the first lady, to impose a week of rest complete between Christmas and New Year… The story does not say if Brigitte Macron prohibited to her husband to send sms in the middle of the night, a habit that has the gift to exhaust some of the employees exhausted and their spouses… sometimes at the edge of the break. From there to imagine the first lady in a marriage therapist, there is only one step…

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