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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Brigitte Macron spoke publicly for the first time since the presidential election in an exclusive interview to the magazine She. An interview that the wife of the head of State discussed with his legendary spontaneity, and in the course of which she has dodged no question, even to the point of evoking the tragic disappearance of his sister when she was eight years old.

It is the maintenance as expected after 100 days in which Brigitte Macron will be remained at near-silent. The wife of the head of State is this Friday, in A of It, not only in France but also in several international editions of the weekly. An interview-river of 1h45 granted on the 26th of July last, in a salon of the Elysée palace in which the former professor of Letters speaks of his role of First lady, his couple, his personal history and the death to which she was faced, very young, too young.

This terror of death, I’ve always known. Because, quite small, she came into my life “, she said before speaking about the drama that marked his childhood : ” I was the last of a family of six children. My big sister is killed in a car accident, with her husband, and the child she was carrying. I was 8 years old “; and a sister forever in her heart : “She is with me all the days of my life. “.

A year later, the spell is working again on the family of the small Brigitte Trogneux (her maiden name) ; as it is the turn of one of his nieces to disappear at the age of six years. A drama where the wife of the head of the State has not wanted to unburden himself by modesty, but it is, however, remembered about him was his grand-mother who wondered why she was still alive : ” It is here that one understands that there is no order of things , “said the wife of Emmanuel Macron.

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