Brigitte Macron : financially, she does not need her husband’s Gala

Entertainment 10 January, 2018

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The magazine Capital reveals that Brigitte Macron is an independent financial thanks to an inherited property of his father, and within which are located the commercial premises, ensuring the first lady of the income comfortable.

Brigitte Macron is not only affecting his retirement as professor of letters. The magazine Capital reveals that the first lady would receive approximately 48 200 € of rent per year of commercial premises located on the ground floor of his large house in le Touquet, inherited from his father.

There has been much talk of this great mansion, stronghold of the family, and that is not particularly valued of the security services attached to the president of the Republic and his wife. The building, completely renovated, is estimated at 1.4 million euros. And it houses not only the family gatherings of the clan Trogneux-Macron but two shops, the real estate agency Aftim and the clothing store on Cape Cod. The magazine Capital, based on the declaration of assets from January to August 2016 of the first lady, and his 36 € 200 property tax, is estimated to 48 200 euros the amount of the rents that Brigitte Macron would the year of these businesses. And if the traders ensure to take advantage of the positive image of the couple even in their turnover, the neighbors regularly complain about the patrols of CRS, which are deemed oppressive, in the neighborhood.

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