Brigitte Macron, first lady invested but discreet : “She does not seek the light” Gala

Entertainment 15 August, 2017


Between the fascination of the press and the apparitions, official, Brigitte Macron is omnipresent in the media. Yet, to believe, one of his close friends, the wife of Emmanuel ” does not seek the light “.

When her husband came to power in may 2017, Brigitte Macron is automatically become first Lady of France. Since then, the former professor of letters, divides his time between life at the Élysée palace and the apparitions official. A presence in the media to which are added numerous articles in international praising the style and the look of the wife of the president of the Republic. In the Face of this omnipresence, some voters might imagine that Brigitte Macron seeks voluntarily to be under the spotlight. It is not the case, according to several relatives of the first Lady. “She wants to stay discreet , “for example Sophie Cluzel, the secretary of State of the Disability, in the columns of the Parisian. She knows that when she makes a move, it risk overshadowing the heart of the matter. To avoid this, it is quite far away from the media. It does not seek the light “.

This vision is not reduced, however, nothing in the investment of Brigitte Macron with her husband, ensures the entourage of the president who sees this mother of a family, a weapon of ideal communication. Brigitte Macron thus prefers “not to interfere in the political field, ” confirms the interconnecting Michele Marchand, but it lends itself gladly to the game when asked. Since this time she has welcomed the planetary star Rihanna on the front steps of the Elysée palace. “It is a very smart lady, who knows how to adapt to new situations , “says one of his relatives. Aware of the obligations to which he is entitled but in no case to be attracted by the spotlight. The perfect recipe for a first Lady or first Man. It is very correct. Still in its place, she never adventure never beyond. It has not always been the case before… concludes an almost admiring one of the ministers of the government of Philip II about Brigitte Macron.

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