Brigitte Macron, his tactical striking to pass unnoticed: “I took the subway up to very recently” – Gala

Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Brigitte Macron has developed several techniques to escape the attention of the paparazzi. The best trick is to hide his blonde hair, as she explains in the magazine It.

I love to meet people, but sometimes I like to be discreet”, says Brigitte Macron in the columns of It , released this Friday, August 18. Being First lady means being constantly scrutinized, a “constraint” which she was perfectly aware. Since the election of her husband, Brigitte Macron, anxious to keep his freedom, has developed several techniques to escape the gaze of others. ” He was not born the one I use lock “, she says. If the Elysée is not a “confinement” , it must still “move with one or two security officers. ”

It out “all the days of the palace ” has developed a camouflage worthy of one of the biggest hollywood stars. “With a cap, headphones and goggles, you can go to the end of the world “, she says. The most important is to conceal his hair : “I took the subway up to very recently, she says, if we don’t see my hair, I’m quiet, if you can see it’s a lost cause.” This technique, which she puts in work for several months, seems to work well : “I walk around with no worries and I take pleasure in dialogue with the person that I meet.”

If the paparazzi or gawkers get too pushy, Brigitte Macron may soon come to fear, and to move to a more radical. But in view of the important safety device that surrounds it, it may without doubt be content to put away her famous bun “banana” under a bonnet.

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