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Entertainment 22 August, 2017


Monday, August 21, the Elysee has published on its website, a “transparency charter” on the role and status of Brigitte Macron. In this text, it appears as “spouse of the president of the Republic,” but it is never mentioned as First lady.

The role blur Brigitte Macron sparked controversy there for about ten days. A petition denouncing the planned establishment of an official status for Brigitte Macron had collected more than 300,000 signatures. The Elysee has therefore declined and offered this Monday, August 21, a ” transparency charter “.

Published on its website, the Elysee specifies that Brigitte Macron will ensure ” the representation of France alongside the president of the Republic at summits and international meetings.” Brigitte Macron, who receives hundreds of letters per day, will respond “to the requests of the French and the French personalities and foreign who want to meet” and that she ” will oversee the holding of demonstrations and official receptions within the Palace of the Elysée “. Brigitte Macron will also be able to ” support the protests in charitable, cultural, social or involved in spreading the influence of France “. In this text, at any time Brigitte Macron has the title of First lady, she appears as the “spouse of the president of the Republic, “or as” the wife of the head of the State “.

In this charter, it is mentioned that Brigitte Macron will have at its disposal two presidential advisers and a secretariat. The wife of the president of the Republic does not benefit, however, ofany remuneration or fees from representation, or its own budget, the means for its activities being taken on the budget of the presidency.

The entourage of Emmanuel Macron, said : “It is not a legal status but a commitment, that only applies to Brigitte Macron and for the duration of the appointment of Emmanuel Macron, and which will not be binding on its successors or their spouses “.

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