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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Brigitte Macron spoke publicly for the first time since the presidential election in an exclusive interview to the magazine She. An interview that the wife of the head of State discussed with his legendary spontaneity.

A little more than 100 days that Emmanuel and Bridget Macron are installed under the gold of the Elysee, so much time where the First lady will be remained silent, leaving the media to say anything about it. It is, therefore, an operation of the clarification just made by the former professor of Letters, giving an exclusive interview to the magazine She.


An interview of a dozen pages to find this Friday, August 18, in kiosks, but some pieces are already reached to the editors. The opportunity to Brigitte Macron – which means “assume its public role “with the thread education and disability – to confirm that the action shall be” determined by a charter of transparency “and that ” the French will know what means ” are at his disposal : What is important is that everything is very clear “.


No dodging, according to the magazine, no question, the First lady, who also abhors this expression (” It is the translation of an expression in american, a phrase in which nothing pleases me “), has also referred to the relationship so symbiotic that unites him to the head of State. Explaining be ” so accustomed to this that he [it] comes extraordinary things with Emmanuel “, Brigitte Macron took the opportunity to reveal their joke to the most recurring : “The only fault of Emmanuel, it is to be younger than me “.


An interview during which the wife of the head of State has demonstrated his now-legendary spontaneity that so many of its staff have rented during the presidential campaign. In fact, explaining they ” the impression reading the story of someone else ” when she reads of the ” things ” on his marriage, the ex-teacher has relativized, as always, and waved the banner of humor : “What has been said, it is so nothing. Of course, one buffet lunch, me with my wrinkles, it with freshness, but it is like that. If I had not made this choice, I would be moved to the side of my life. “.

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