Brigitte Macron, small children have participated in almost incognito at the Christmas of the Elysium Gala

Entertainment 15 December, 2017


While more than 500 children déambulaient Wednesday in the salons of the Elysee palace, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron were fortunate to see the arrival of their own little children, determined to not miss this great feast of Christmas under any circumstances.

Only three days after having attended to the illumination of the Christmas tree in the Elysée palace in the company of a handful of children, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron have again opened the doors of their residence to young guests. Wednesday, 13 December, the president of the Republic and his wife have invited more than 500 small boys and small girls to come and celebrate Christmas in the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. In a few hours, the three halls of the presidential palace put at the disposal of the guests have seen the echo of the laughter of the toddlers which has first of all been offered a great taste.

Among the hundreds of happy elected greeted by the presidential couple, all were between the ages of 4 to 10 years. Some were the children of police officers, gendarmes, police, military or fire fighters killed or wounded in service. Other patients of the institute medico-educational whereas a third party has been chosen because they belong to the association ELA (european Association against leukodystrophies). If they have thus tried to provide a Christmas party worthy of the name to children who have gone through difficult times, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron have also allowed the children of their employees to join in on the fun. While the atmosphere was in full swing, a small group is, however, almost unnoticed: it was the grandchildren of Bridget Macron and her husband, come to take part in this afternoon’s non-standard with the two girls from the first lady.

Laurence and Tiphaine, whose faces have become familiar over the course of the presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron, are in fact arrived at the Elysee palace with their children. Among them was the little Alice, 4 years old, already spotted on the side of the president of the Republic on the evening of his election, on the podium placed in front of the Louvre pyramid. Warmly received by their grandparents, the toddlers were then given the opportunity to meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, the guests of honor of this great feast. They then had the chance to attend the concert of the Kids United and are not left empty-handed. As for the more than 500 children invited on this day, they are left with a gift unisex. That’s one Christmas party that they are not ready to forget anytime soon.

Photo credits : Blondet Eliot/ABACA

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