Brigitte Macron tells the story of how she lived the victory of Emmanuel Macron: “I wanted to cry” – Gala

Entertainment 17 August, 2017


Brigitte Macron has granted his first interview as First lady to the magazine It, available this Friday in the kiosks. She recounts among other things how the emotion was at its height on the evening of the victory of her husband in the presidential election.

It is the maintenance as expected after 100 days in which Brigitte Macron will be remained at near-silent. An interview with the magazine She to find this Friday, the booths in which the wife of the head of State speaks, with his legendary spontaneity, its role as a First lady, her personal history and her relationship.


A maintenance river a dozen pages where the memories meet those still fresh in recent months. It is as well as the former professor of Letters told how the couple lived, the victory of the first round. “Many of us thought that after the first round we thought it was won. Wrong. We never thought about it “, she says. Remains that on the evening of may 7 last, his destiny changed. And when the time came to present themselves in front of a crowd of supporters of the leader of the movement Running ! gathered on the esplanade of the Louvre, Brigitte Macron has felt an overwhelming sense of emotion through it : “I wanted to cry “, she says.


A confidence among dozens made by the wife of the president, who will therefore be this Friday, in A of It, not only in France but also in several international editions of the weekly. An interview that will be rewarded the patience of the leadership team of the magazine of the Lagardère group. In effect, interviewed on LCI on behind the scenes of this exclusive interview, Erin Doherty, editorial director of It, explained: “We started the contact from the month of February, well before the first round. (…) We didn’t have an answer right away, it was revived and we had an agreement-in-principle. But after all the campaign is set in motion, it was radio silence at that time.


But ” his chief of staff came back to us in the course of the month of may, telling us : ‘It is recognised you will have this interview but it is not yet known when’. We waited and we had an answer at the beginning of July with a firm date which was the 26th of July. “. Day during which Erin Doherty and Olivia de Lamberterie, deputy editor in chief of the weekly, have had 1 hour and 45 minutes to conduct the interview, which took place in a salon of the Elysée palace.

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