Britney Spears: Declared dead by her record company after a bad taste of piracy

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

After the unexpected death of George Michael on Christmas Day at the age of 53, the world of music thought to be deprived of another icon: Britney Spears. The singer was announced dead for over an hour by the official Twitter account of her record company.

All his fans were afraid. They almost believed it. After Prince, David Bowie , after Michel Delpech and more recently George Michael , died December 25 , 2016 would also take their Britney Spears . This is in any case what claimed for nearly an hour the Twitter account of the record company Sony Music, causing a tidal wave of messages worried about the site.
” Britney Spears died by accident , could be read on these tweets. We will tell you more in the hours to come. ” The joke was made more credible by the appearance on the Twitter account of Bob Dylan, a tweet confirming the death of the singer – and showing sadness musician who recently received a Nobel Prize . ” Rest in peace ” was it well written. Fortunately for the family of Britney Spears and her fans, piracy has not extended further, the group of hackers OurMine Security, used to hack the account for celebrities to advertise (and sell its own anti solution -piratage) announced that a malicious user was at the origin of these messages , and restored the truth, ” Britney Spears is still alive .” The singer currently spends Christmas with family, her children – she considers her true ” masterpiece ” .