Britney Spears: Everything you do not know about her new darling, Sam Asghari …

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

The beautiful kid does not have a dream physique.
That’s a little over a month that Britney Spears file the perfect love with the handsome Sam Asghari. The dark brown provoked hysteria on social networks after its torrid appearance in the video for the pop star, called Slumber Party . Given its physical dream, we understand that the 35 year old singer has fallen for his beautiful eyes and his fiery eyes. But if we do not ignore anything, almost, of the mother of Sean and Jayden (11 and 10), what is he to his new sweetheart ?
To believe his Instagram page, the handsome 22 years is as one of “modest and nice .” A reputation it maintains with great fanfare of inspirational quotes and precepts such as ” Have the courage of a king but the humility of a servant” . Mannequin by profession, he is also actor in his lost hours and coach fitness, which one would have suspected at the sight of his impressive musculature. Sam Asghari, whose main source of motivation The Rock Dwayne Johnson , multiplies selfies to the gym, photographing his bulging muscles and exposed veins.
The fop is not his first appearance since it was already seen in the clip Work From Home from Fifth Harmony group , last year. In addition, Sam Asghari, new Ambassador of the brand Under Armor, not only has an advantageous physique, it also has a well-made head. He speaks Farsi, the language spoken in Iran. ” I went to Iran it nine years ago and since I’m training to read and write the language in order to never forget where I come from ,” said he wrote on his Instagram page. We understand that Brit Brit soon fell under his spell.
Unlike his father and guardian Jamie Spears who, according to information from the site RadarOnline , would this new romance with suspicion. “Britney’s father does not approve of the boy. It was she who chose him personally during casting for Slumber Party and everyone fears he has no good intentions. His friends s’ worry that this is just a vulgar Muncher diamonds and she runs to disaster. But Britney does not care what people say to him , “reports the tabloid. As usual, Britney does her own thing. Which, for the moment, not many succeeded him .