Britney Spears: Her sexy fetish song unveiled!

Entertainment 25 January, 2017

The singer Britney Spears is happy lately and it shows! The star gave an interview to Women’s Health magazine and she made a few confessions that we are announcing today.

Just a few days writing revealed you the Britney Spears secrets to keep the line . The latter was seen in a magazine Women’s Health and the least we can say is that his body was at the top ! After a period of yo-yo, Brit Brit finally seems to have reconciled with her body but you need to know is that having the line had a price for it … Indeed, the young woman Got into sports and not a little. It multiplies the physical activities to the point that the sport seems to have become an obsession for her! Strech, cardio, swimming, pumps and of course balanced diet are the secrets of Britney to be fit. We also wonder if the beginning of his relationship with Charlie Ebersol did not help him in his approach ?! The singer could live “Love Alone” … We joke of course! Always for the magazine Women’s Health , Britney showed off her healthy pace of life but not that it tells you more.

Britney Spears will release her ninth album for 2015 ! Good news for fans of the star who must wait impatiently for the return of the young woman. Everyone does not have the chance to go see her on stage in Las Vegas … While at the moment it is too early to learn about future titles of Brit Brit , it told her song Sexy favorite she never gets tired of. Which is it according to you? She said the “sexiest song of all time” is that of Chris Isaak titled “Wicked Game” . You do not know or do not remember? It is revealed above! And you, what is your favorite song?