Britney Spears in the studio, a demo of her next album in listening

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

The producer of Britney Spears took care of teaser us the next album of the singer, and we put the water in the mouth. Discover it right away!
If you dream of seeing in featuring with the artist in 2017 , can continue to dream … However, what is certain is that for more than a decade, Britney Spears has never stopped Surprise its audience. Between polemics, mediatized frasques and provocation, the pop star has distinguished itself over time and thus, mark the history of music with a style and a unique history. After the release of his ninth studio album Glory last August, we did not suspect that the singer would work any time soon on a new opus. If three years have elapsed between the release of Britney Jean and Glory, the pop star reserves new for very soon and it is his producer who took care of teaser his return …!
On the social network Snapchat, Rocc Star Music , the producer of the Princess of Pop shared an excerpt from one of his new songs. And as you can see, Britney Spears (including the couple with another celebrity marked the music) never sounded so thug. If the singer has never hidden his admiration for hip-hop, it would seem that it is turning increasingly to urban music . Today, fans claim that B10 (aka Britney tenth studio album) is not far off, and did not buckle. The singer had also formalized his return to the studio in December: “I’m not sure what I want for my next album, how it should sound All I know is that. I’m thrilled to be in the studio again and I’ve already recorded things. ” So, are you eager to discover the new Britney Spears album?