Britney Spears: The Bible, her ultimate weapon to attack Katy Perry

Will the war of the divas take place? The singer Katy Perry put water on the fire by evoking in an interview a little glorious episode of the life of Britney Spears. Vexée, the latter did not however let itself be dismantled and answered him the calmest of the world quoting … the Bible!

It is far from the time when Britney Spears chained escapades , lovers and disastrous outings in the press. She is another woman and does not want to be reminded of her youthful mistakes. Well badly took to Katy Perry who wanted to make a wit the evening of the last Grammy Awards. Orlando Bloom’s fiancee has not released a new album since 2014 and when asked about her long absence, the singer replied that she had taken advantage of this time to look after her and her well-being. Surprised, the reporter asked her if it had worked as she hoped. Katy Perry, obviously in a very good mood, replied, ” Fantastically good! And at least, I did not shave my head! ” To understand the reference, it must return 10 years back. Not exactly a glorious time for Britney Spears, mom and younger completely lost star drifting that had finally shave her head herself in a hair salon … in front of television cameras .

Britney did not like that Katy Perry evokes this painful episode and a past she has long since turned her back on. But the interpreter of Toxic chose to answer his sister with the utmost calm, using Twitter to get the message across. No insults or low blows but an extract from the gospel according to Saint Luke: ” What she says comes from what fills her heart.” The sentence was simply accompanied by a heart. All is said. Katy Perry may turn 7 times her tongue in her mouth next time …

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