Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex, arrested for having assaulted her twins after the run for several days

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

According to our colleagues from TMZ , the celebrity news this Thursday is bleak. The police just put an end to the run of Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex. She would have been violent towards her two children.

charlie-sheen-brooke-muellerAfter his many escapades under influence of drugs and alcohol, the last time we heard about Charlie Sheen, it was about the HIV he contracted . He’s back on the front stage, and not in his best role. This time he is not at fault. This is his ex-wife , actress Brooke Mueller, 39, is in question.
The young woman, with whom he has twins Bob and Max in 2009, had disappeared from circulation on Tuesday night , and had taken the children with her. Witnesses had then seen in a Salt Lake City bar in an advanced state of intoxication, in the presence of two small . She then managed to escape the police, but not to the vigilance of onlookers. So Wednesday morning, two new witnesses gave his description to the police after having recognized in a service station where she was filling his 4 × 4.
According to them, still in a daze, she would have bullied children . One of the two boys have yet begged the man not to call the police to ensure that his mother be taken. Fortunately, he has not given and the young woman was interpelée few hours later a short distance away. Immediately hospitalized, she will have to undergo a psychological examination and answer for his actions . It may even larger than this is not the first time her mom skills are questioned. There are some years, his assistant had told the children had already repeatedly been faced with the harsh reality of the sexual life of their mother, which sated needs of narcotics through the service of his right arm.